Monday, June 28, 2010

Almost Home

Well friends, here we are.  It's been somewhat of a long journey, but this Florida Chick has traded in her flip flops for snowpants and is back to where I began - the cold and frosty tundra of West Michigan.  I have to say that Mid-June really isn't all that cold and frosty; I mean, it's no South Florida Sauna, but I am wearing shorts and a tank is covered by a sweatshirt...but that's beside the point.  So despite the weather, we are settling in nicely and enjoying the small town life that we so desperately missed down in the land of drive-bys and drug cartels.

Actually, we're trying to settle in, but I'm finding that the Michigan state government is just about as annoying as the Florida state healthcare system.  Last week I went to get a new driver's license and found out that I need 5 different documents in order to get my license switched over.  Now, when I applied for my Florida license I only needed 2 - my Michigan license and a utility bill with my name and address.  I suspect this might be why identity theft and fraud are so high in the Sunshine State, but really...5 documents? That's a little much.

The lady at the DMV gave me a lengthy document detailing how to apply for my Michigan license, feel free to click here to see it.  In short, I need my original Social Security card, my original birth certificate or unexpired passport, my Florida driver's license, and two or more utility bills or bank statements with my name and address.  Now honestly, who carries around their original birth certificate?  And my passport? It expired in April and I've been much too lazy to renew it.  As for the utility bills - none of those are in my never occured to me that I would need to have a utility bill in my name since I don't really even know how to pay one. 

The crazy thing is, I don't even care about changing my driver's license; I only went to get it changed so I could get a library card - it's the library card that I'd really like, not the license.  I suppose the silver lining to the whole story is that when I went to the DMV there was no wait, contrary to when I had to wait an hour and a half in a loud and dirty DMV in Fort Lauderdale, here, I was the only one in the place.  So, when I do get my act, and my paperwork together, and collect all of the pieces of my identity in one place, I do at least have the peace of mind of knowing that I won't have to wait in line, which is good because by the time I get my paperwork together, I suspect it will be cold and frosty, and a line out the door would just make me wish for flip flops once again.

Lots of love from a glad-to-be-home-former-Florida-Chick