Friday, July 26, 2013

Flashback Friday

Today's chilly weather has me wrapped in a blanket finishing "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn - have you read it? If not, DO...and when you hit page 221 let me know so that we can gasp loudly together and hysterically discuss the crazy...and I mean CRAZY plot twist that I almost didn't see coming (but I do watch "Castle" regularly so I almost saw it coming).  Since I'm determined to finish my book this afternoon, I thought that instead of blogging today, I would let you read a previously written post from EXACTLY 5 years ago...the last time that it was this stinkin cold in July!  Oh...and I hope you like the new took me 2 full hours to put together...2 hours in which I could've finished my book! Ugh! Anyway, enjoy...

Happy Reading!

Small Town Girl

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