Monday, July 22, 2013


I love Pinterest.  Especially in the summer when I'm not working...Pinterest is like my best friend.  Need a pick me up? Check out the "Funny" tab.  Not sure what to wear? Check out "women's fashions." Bored? Browse through "Everything."  And therein lies the dilemma...half the time I look at stuff on the Pinterest everything board and think "What was that person thinking?!"  And I desperately want to pin each horrible and ridiculous pin I find...but I'm too afraid that my Pinterest followers will see it and think that I actually like the ridiculous pin and secretly judge me the way that I judge the original pinner.  That being said, what better way to share of few of my least favorite pin-fads from the past week...

1.The dress-like-a-Disney-character fad:
Ok, I like Disney just as much as the next guy (well, probably not as much...but close).  But for the life of me, I can't figure out why I would want to model my next outfit off of a fictional character living in the woods...I mean, she only wears primary colors:

And although Snow White seems to be the most popular option, if she's not exactly your style, no worries.  There are options for EVERY. CHARACTER. OUT. THERE! Check it out:

Want to feel like a mermaid? A chinese revolutionary? A frog-kisser? No problem, Pinterest has the outfit for you.  And if princesses aren't really your thing, no worries. You can even dress like Flynn Rider:
Or Mickey Mouse:
Now I apologize to any of you who look to Disney for your style choice...I'm not really judging...but kind of. But while we're on the subject of cartoon characters, can I just introduce my next least favorite Pinterest pin idea...

2. The I-love-cartoons-so-much-that-I-got-one-tattooed-on-my-arm craze.
Really.  Please know, this is not about tattoos.  I like tattoos. I have tattoos (yes, plural.  If you don't know about the second one, you probably don't really need to.)  I don't even have a problem with visible tattoos...but can I just make one teeny-tiny suggestion...if you are going to get a tattoo, please consider location and subject matter carefully.  Just because you love "A Charlie Brown Christmas" doesn't necessarily mean that you need to permanently ink yourself with a Snoopy or Woodstock picture.

Unless of course you are going into illustrating.  But honestly, a cartoon character on your forearm? What if (and again, I say this without judgment) you one day outgrow cartoons?  I mean, don't get me wrong, it probably won't happen, but let's say when your, oh I don't know...OUT OF COLLEGE?  Just sayin'. And finally, my last irritating pin of the week...

3. This picture:

Be honest, what do you notice the most about this picture.  I'm sure you are much more pure of heart than I am, but really, all I could see was the girl on top flipping me off...let's be honest, she could have totally used her pointer finger for this picture...and seriously, I was so focused on her finger, that I never even noticed the caption, which read "Oooh...arm bangles"  Arm bangles? What arm bangles?  I was so busy being annoyed by the top girl's middle finger that I didn't even notice the bangles...admit didn't either.

Well, I guess that's all for today, I have to get back to scrolling through Pinterest, which, by the way should have less of the above and much more of the following:


Ryan Gosling Memes!! (I just had to ask my 13 year old what a meme was...this is it...I think)

And, of course, CUTE CAT PICS!! Awwww....

I mean, the recipes, and outfits, and workout ideas are nice too...

Have a great day!!

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