Friday, August 2, 2013

Down on the Farm

So today we shed our "Big City" ways and headed up north for a day at the farm...and by "Big City" I actually mean "Small Town"...and by "Farm" I mean the air-conditioned ice cream shop at Country Dairy...just kidding, we didn't actually stop for ice cream until after we toured the down-home workings of the farm.  Lucky for me, I just happen to have an "in" with the owners (who says teaching doesn't have it's perks...I mean, except for the summers off...and Spring Break...but that's besides the point).  

Anyway, Riley (or "my favorite student ever" as he so kindly labeled himself in my phone when I had my back turned) was generous enough to take me and the kiddos on a private farm tour...which included coversations about cow insemination (did you know cow semen is worth thousands of dollars??), the difference between heifers and bulls (because similar to the "you can make pickles here if you need a refresher on kids had no idea that cows and bulls had *ahem* differences), and finally the fact that why yes, you can actually grow the ground. It was quite a learning moment for my children and I to learn that no, it doesn't actually just "come in bundles." Good to know.

Riley showing Carson one of the tractors
Anyway, we finished our time at the Dairy with what were without a doubt the best ice cream cones ever (Mom's Cookie Dough for Kaitlyn and Blue Moo for Carson) and a visit the Country Dairy store for the most amazing chocolate milk in the world, and a package of blue cheese brats (sausages, not kids with bad attitudes) which Chris officially declared "the best brats I've ever eaten in my life." Animal husbandry conversations aside, the Dairy tour and treats were great!

We said goodbye to Riley and continued our Down Home afternoon by heading over to Lewis's petting zoo (Kaitlyn was quite possibly the oldest kid there...and probably had the most fun.)  The highlight of the day had to be the moment when Carson said, "Look mom, that animal has a Joey!" ...and Kaitlyn and I proceeded to inspect a wallaby as he licked and nurtured what seemed to quite possibly to be a baby? In it's front pouch? We seriously stared at this for about 5 minutes before Mr. Wallaby decided to make things clear by letting go of said "baby" which ended up being not a baby at all, but his GIANT TESTICLES. I kid you not. Giant.  Coming in at a close second for "moment of the day" was when Carson said, "Look, they have bouncing pillows...just like on Honey Boo Boo!"  Which of course, comes on right after Toddler's and Tiaras...we city folks obviously have high standards when it comes to what we watch on T.V.

The "Honey Boo Boo" style bouncing pillow

Anyway, it was a lovely day away from the bright lights, big city (which are more accurately streetlights that flicker on at dusk), and it was nice to come home to our small-town house cats and enjoy our chocolate milk and ice cream...straight from the containers of course...because that's how we do it in the city.

Lots of farm-girl love,


For more info on Country Dairy, here's a link to their website.
And here's one for Lewis Farms.

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