Sunday, August 25, 2013

On Being a Handraiser

So here's the truth, I'm a self-proclaimed hand-raiser.  Now, you either know exactly what I'm talking about, or you are completely lost in translation.  Let me explain, a hand-raiser is one of those people in church who gets so caught up in the music that their hands fly up in the air in worship; I'll just let you know right now that I am also a hip-swayer, a knee-bouncer, and a eye-closer during times of worship, but most of all I'm a hand-raiser - hey I figure if Taio Cruz can convince us to "throw our hands up in the air sometimes singing Ay-o, gotta let go..." then so can Jesus!

Anyway, not everyone understands the whole hand-raising thing, and that's the great thing about so many different churches, there are sprinkle-with-water baptizers and dunk-until-they-need-a-life-jacket baptizers, there are organ-and-hymnal worshipers and drum-and-guitar-and-occasionally-a-weird-African-instrument worshipers.  We're all noted by my Dominican mother who recently commented on a cousin's wedding...

Mom: "We (meaning her giant Dominican family consisting of 132 first cousins) didn't even know if there was going to be dancing (gasp!) because your cousin and his wife go to one of "those" churches.

Me: "One of those churches?"

Mom: "You know, they're kind of different, and we (meaning her giant Dominican family consisting of 132 first cousins) don't know anything but Catholic.

Please let me pause here.  No seriously.  I just need to pause, because what I didn't say but wanted to (and I would write this in capital letters, but it's too long and I would look like I'm yelling...which I'm not) is...

Do you not remember that you raised us in West Michigan, and we grew up going to that will-remain-nameless-but-fairly-charasmatic-church in which Molly Magee* would dance wildly down the center aisle, speak in tongues at the top of her lungs, be slain in the spirit and fall down backwards after which time the elders would come wrap her in white sheets and carry her out into the lobby??? Hmmm....

Anyway, it turns out my cousin's wedding wasn't all that extreme after all and everyone was relieved when they in fact did have dancing...of course they did, it was a Dominican wedding!!

Anyway, I may not be a speaking in tongues, slain-in-the-spirit kind of worshiper, but I'm definitely a hand-raiser, and with that I thought I'd share this little video with some fun, hand-raising humor (go ahead, it's only 2 minutes long) and don't worry, I'm not poking fun at anyone, I'm poking fun at myself (and you other hand-raisers out there)'s like being Dominican, if you're Dominican you can make fun of Dominicans...but if you are Guatemalen?  Oh no, don't you dare start making fun!!


And P.S...I'm definitely a "schoolroom" :)

Lots of filled-with-the-spirit, Sunday morning, Small town love,

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