Friday, August 9, 2013

One Man's Trash...

So this week I stopped by an estate sale that was recommended to me by one of my colleagues...she felt that there was some clothing there that was "just my style." After rummaging through lace tablecloths (not my style), and thick-soled sandals (not my style), I came across a pair of Miss Me jeans for $25.00 + 1/3 off (I don't teach math, otherwise I would have given you a more accurate price).  Anyway, the jeans were in great shape...and after being led into the back yard to use the homeowner's fishing trailer (we were in Fruitport) as a dressing room...I decided to buy them.  Carson found a 1966 blue and yellow license plate for $8.00 (plus 1/3 off) that he wanted, and I headed to the check out line with both items to do a little negotiating...which I am bad at.  It went like this...

Me: Would you take $20.00 for both of these items?
Seller: These are $100.00 jeans
Me: Aren't they on sale for $25.00 + 1/3 off?
Seller: Yes
Me: Is the license plate also 1/3 off?
Seller: Yes
Me: Would $20.00 work for both items together
Seller: No, that comes to $22.11
Me: I'm not sure I have 11 cents
Seller: I'll give you a deal and take $22.00
Me: Ummm...Ok (awkwardly fumbling through my wallet for $22.00)

So here's the way that I see it...I am the world's worst negotiator - getting an 11 cent deal really doesn't count in the world of business...and therefore I will stick to teaching English.  This whole situation reminded me of a similar one down in Florida, so I thought I'd flash it back for you on this Friday morning, and share a Florida Chick post from 2009...enjoy!

Oh, and by the way, I would totally post a picture of the Miss Me jeans, but that would mean taking a selfie in the bathroom mirror, and I'm just not sure that I'm really up for making a fish face in front of my toilet...not happenin' today folks!

Lots of Small Town, Bargain Hunting Love,

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