Saturday, August 31, 2013

She Did NOT Just Say That Out Loud!

So this is usually the time when I look back on the week and think of something witty to write about in order to entertain my family and friends.  And actually, I have so much fodder this week...I mean, I spent Wednesday morning talking to Freshmen and Sophomores about sex and relationships...and guess who is in the Freshman class this year? Yup! Kaitlyn.  It was AWESOME to see her completely mortified when I said the word "sex" out loud to a group of her peers...her friend Dorie turned especially pink, and she was like, "Mrs. VanHekken did NOT just say that out loud."  Even better was when I read the lyrics to "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke out loud.  You know it is every kid's dream to hear their mother read to their friends, "I know you want it.  I know you want it.  Must wanna get nasty. Go ahead get at me."  Oh, it was a beautiful thing.

Anyway, more than the excitement generated by my underclassmen relationship seminar, I wanted to take a more serious turn today and share with you a little bit about my friends Marc and Gretchen Driesenga.  Marc and I have taught English together for the past 2 years at WMC, and without a doubt I can say that he is one of the best teachers I have ever met (he did of course learn everything he knows from me....probably).  Anyway, Marc and Gretchen heard and heeded God's call on their lives and moved from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa, to teach and minister at Haven of Peace Academy.  In July they packed up all of their belongings (except for the 552 crates of movies that they left in our basement),

Their crates...Our basement :)
got on a plane, and began a new chapter of life 1/2 way around the world....oh, and I forgot to mention that they have a 5, 2, and 8 month old! Marc and Gretchen are an incredible couple, and I just wanted to share their journey with all of you.  Chris and I support them financially knowing that every little bit is a part of growing God's kingdom, but I also know that they are still raising financial support as well.  Above all, they covet our prayers.  Even though you might not know them, I would encourage you to just lift them up in prayer...even if it's one of those "please bless that one couple that Jenn knows who moved to that one place somewhere in Africa."  I'd also encourage you to subscribe to their blog.  It's so interesting to hear about their life on the other side of the world...I know you will find so too. Click here to read their entire blog...and here is a little snippet from their latest:

I can honestly say that the first few days of school were not the same without Marc.  I didn't have anyone to make fun of students with, and I didn't get to throw down the gauntlet for who would win this year's Project Grace challenge (I would never brag...but last year my class beat his by $6.00!!! I personally think he moved just so he wouldn't have to face defeat again.)  But I know God has his hand on their lives, and anyway, we still have social media, so we'll just have to make fun of students via Twitter. And Facebook. And Instagram...and well really, I guess it's not really all that different after all!

Lots of Small Town Love from a Missing-and-praying-for-her-friends Small Town Girl

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