Monday, August 12, 2013

Small Town Weekend

Seriously, one of the best weekends ever in which there was a whole lotta nothin' goin' on...but the best kind of nothin' - you guests, no cookouts, no beach parties, no family birthday parties...boring? maybe...but relaxing? H-E-Double Hockey Sticks yeah!

 So here's the lowdown...

1. I finished The Paris Wife, which I loved and I hated at the same time.  It made me want to read more Hemingway...sort of, but not really.  Right...that's how I feel too, not sure what to think.

2. Watched Little Buddy golf a round at his grandparents...well, not really a round, more like 6 & 1/2 holes...he got bored after glad we invested in those clubs for him.

3. Set up an appointment for Leo to get declawed...this was our last roll of toilet paper which created a mad scramble to Walgreens for an emergency weekend supply before this week's weekly shopping.

4. Got crafty...if you consider using chalk crafty...but I did make a double line on the "M" and the "U" of menu which makes it a bit fancy.  My kids were in awe...seriously, Little Buddy asked, "are you going to do this every week??" Followed by a suspicious, "What happens on Saturday and Sunday?" No worries bud, Jimmie Johns is on speed dial.

5. Returned books to the library where I failed to park within the lines, but in my defense, this bumper guard clearly shows that it's the library's fault and not mine...seriously, how many people have to nail this corner before they widen the spaces in the parking garage...incidentally, I also found out that no, you cannot return books from another local library to the current library where you originally checked out the book...apparently my library card record shows I have been doing all summer...and apparently they charge for it...but my balance is currently at $9.54, and you don't have to pay until it's over $10.00, so...I'll just wait.

6. And finally, I watched Baby Girl do wall splits in order to practice her scorpion for cheer.  This just happens to be a picture in which she slightly lost her balance and fell (not hard of course...I mean, not too hard) face first into the stairwell.  I of course went to help her after I cursed the fact that I had only taken a pic and not a video...better luck next time (for her of course, not me).

Anyway, that was my weekend, and it was wonderful! Hope yours was too!

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  1. Those are my favorite kind of weekends, the ones with no plans or distractions and you get to do whatever it is YOU want to do. Love your chalk craft. What a great idea!

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend!!!! Love that your weekly menu includes Taco Bell and Russ' ��

  3. You did get to relax. I love those weekends. I wanted to get crafty myself but it was a total bust :(