Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why I don't watch the news...

...Basically because I find it much less interesting than Toddler's and Tiaras and Honey Boo Boo.  That being said, I was basically challenged in my principles this week when my mom called me out on this whole issue.  She's visiting from the Dominican Republic (here's a map just in case you were like "The Whatican Rewhat?")

This is where my mom is from, and where my parents live now.  It's a small island in the Caribbean that shares space with Haiti...but don't bring that up to Dominicans...they're kind of sensitive about it.
Anyway, my mom was visiting this weekend from the Dominican Republic and we had ourselves the following conversation:

Mom: So what about that Detroit situation
Me: You mean that they're winning (which is obviously the reply of any true Tiger's fan)
Mom: (after an awkward pause) No, I mean the bankruptcy
Me: Do you mean the steroid use?

Sidenote...we were totally on two different pages...

Mom: (exasperatedly) No, I mean that Detroit declared bankruptcy
Me: What does that mean?
Mom: Never mind.

Apparently it was a big deal on Dominican news last week, but the only thing I was aware of was that Jhonny (yes, I spelled it correctly...I'm an English teacher, remember??) was about to be suspended for PEDs...probably why the city's going bankrupt.  

Here's the deal, it's not that I specifically have anything against the news, I just don't feel any specific need to sit down and watch it.  I have a very full summer schedule of Pinterest and blogging to keep up with, and if I'm going to sit down and watch T.V, it's either going to be a show about someone getting brutally murdered (Castle), a show with real people whose life choices I can judge (T&T, HBB), or a baseball game whose announcers provide light background noise as I scroll through Pinterest.  

There are benefits to watching the news however...for example, it makes you smarter than your 9 year-old-son, like when your mom asks, "So who is the governor of Michigan now?" and you say "Jennifer Granholm," and your son says, "Rick Snyder."  If you're not from Michigan, I'm not going to tell you which one of us was right...but it was probably the one who just finished a 3rd grade social studies unit on Michigan, and not the one who eligible to vote...but maybe not, you decide.  

And it also makes you sound really smart when you watch Jeopardy.  See, here's what happened, I took my mom to my grandparents' house yesterday, and my grandpa began to discuss the "issue in Yemen."  Hmmm...obviously you already know that I had no idea what he was talking about.  So he told me all about the unrest, the threats from Al-Quaeda, the travel warnings, and the ambassador who was assassinated in Libya...and herein lies the exciting part...as we were watching Jeopardy last night (which was before The Bachelorette...another show in which I frequently judge the poor choices of real-life people) Alec Trebec asked which Middle Eastern country's ambassador had been assassinated during the summer of 2012...to which I yelled loudly "LIBYA!!" and to which my son responded, "Wow mom, you are so smart!"  And I was like, "Yeah, I know. I watch the news."

And that's the thing, maybe I don't watch the news, and maybe I don't always know what is going on in the world, but as long as Carson thinks I'm the smartest person he knows, that's all that matters to me...oh, and I'm a lot less stressed out too...I turned on the news to watch it with my mom this morning, and the first report I saw was about the risk of Alzheimer's Disease in women who didn't breast feed...which of course...is ME.  Seriously, between the "issue in Yemen," and my apparent risk of Alzheimer's Disease, I'll take reality T.V. anyday!

Well, that's all for today, lots of Small Town Love,


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