Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Small Town Snow Days

My actual Parent Alert screen!
There are two words that every student, teacher and parent looks forward to in January more than any other: SNOW and DAY...  unless those words are repeated over and over and over again, until no one even remembers what it feels like to have a daily rhythm in their life and they have completely run out of Netflix options.  This is the current conundrum of our household.  3 snow days, 1 holiday, and 1 late start, all within the last week, and at this point, no one actually remembers the route we take to school every morning, or even what classes they are taking.

The first snow day is always exciting.  The kids flush ice cubes down the toilet and stick a spoon in the freezer the night before, anticipating an extra day of sleeping in.  This year, on the first snow day, we made popcorn for breakfast and stayed in our PJs watching inspirational movies all day.  By snow day number two, we had run out of inspirational movies and had moved on to "Central Intelligence," with the Rock and Kevin Hart, which was mostly inappropriate, but I pretty much just cringed and ignored it because we were out of options...and by yesterday, I had pretty much given up on life...I have no idea what the kids were watching, but Carson spent the day with an iPad and headphones...so I'm just hoping it wasn't anything that will turn him into a serial killer.

Today's ice day pretty much pushed me over the edge.  There's something to be said about having structure to the day, and right now I have so little structure, that I keep forgetting to even feed my kids.  At this point they're going to have to settle for whatever they can grab on their own - which, looking in the refrigerator, includes half a bag of frozen tater tots and a jar of pickles.

In case you thought I was kidding.  And don't be fooled by the ice cream carton...it's empty, but we're all too lazy to throw it away!

In an effort to get out of this snow day funk, I'm trying to make a list of things to do today based on recent suggestions I've been given by others.  Here's what I have so far...

1. Go sledding.  Except, there is no snow.  And honestly, we don't really go outside unless it's above 60 degrees.

2. Bake something.  Except, I only own one measuring cup and I'm not actually sure where it is.  I do have some flour in the freezer, but I only have brown sugar (not white), so unless I can bake something with those options, we're out of luck.
I actually found the measuring cup!  Right next to the rest of the unused kitchen appliances!

3. Work-out.  Except, the couch already has an indentation from where I've been sitting for the past week, and it's really hard to get out of it.  I could probably do some sit-ups from this position - but even that seems like a little too much effort.

That pretty much leaves me with catching up on America's Next Top Model, staring at the ceiling, or going to the store to buy food to feed my family.  But since ANTM is only an hour long, and since I really don't have the energy to leave the house, I suppose that the most viable option is really to lay in my couch indentation and stare at the ceiling until this snow day is over.  I will make an effort to melt all of the ice in the freezer so that no one can accidentally flush a cube down the toilet, and I've hidden all the spoons...and just in case, I'm also crossing my fingers so that I don't get any more early-morning notifications...until next week of course, when I'll probably need another snow day.  But by then, my fridge will be restocked, and new movies will be out, so I'll be much more prepared to sleep in, make popcorn for breakfast and enjoy a day in my PJs.

Until then, a very happy small-town, snow day to everyone...here's hoping we all make it through!

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